Spoke Phone Solutions

Spokephone calling solutions

An Advanced Communications Platform for Better Outcomes

Spoke is a powerful alternative to legacy PBX phone systems – a unique communication platform built on Twilio that can be configured for your unique customer journey. We use Spoke’s platform to configure enterprise-grade calling solutions, with the ability to add contact centre functionality to suit whatever your business requires.

Context is Everything

Who is Spoke for?

Spoke’s platform is best suited for organisations with complex workflows, unique customer journeys, and for those unwilling to compromise on customer experience.

Businesses often migrate to Spoke after they’ve tried an out-of-the-box cloud phone sytem that can’t meet their needs or from an expensive, highly customised on-premise PBX that is unable to grow with their business.

What does Spoke do?

Spoke makes rich contextual conversations possible anywhere on any device, so employees have better conversations and customers get better outcomes.

How does Spoke work?

Spoke customers embed their proprietary information, processes, and automation inside calls and messages, that employees access and interact with as they talk to customers.

Flexible. Relevant. Mobile.

How is Spoke different?

Unlike most Teams, Zoom, and traditional cloud UCaaS solutions, Spoke is powered by Twilio, a powerful developer communications platform. Customers are no longer locked into rigid solutions that don’t work as their business needs change.

Spoke excels at bringing relevant information and context, usually reserved for the customer service team, out to every employee on any device. This capability drives exceptional benefits for organizations with highly mobile sales and service teams.

Spoke is designed to drive better business outcomes. It goes beyond just contact info, bringing the entire customer journey to life, so customers get better outcomes on the first call.

  • Communications freedom. Get the flexibility to innovate on Spoke and Twilio as your needs change, so you’re never locked into a system that no longer suits your way of working. Spoke provides communications freedom for innovative companies that have complex customer journeys.

  • Control. Their flexible communication platform that gives you total control of every conversation, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Integrate easily. Use out-of-the-box integrations to rapidly connect conversations to your business apps, and rich APIs to build the exact experiences you need.

  • Unified experience.

    Works across legacy phone systems, contact centers, and native mobile calls.

  • Unmatched mobile integration. Present CRM data, record conversations and capture SMS conversations on mobile devices.
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Serving rich, contextual data to every employee on any device.

Why Choose Vytec & Spoke?

Vytec is a Spoke Platinum Integration Partner

Spokephone calling solutions
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