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Reliable, secure, enterprise-grade cloud calling and contact centre solutions.

Tailored to meet the most complex business voice needs at an affordable price.

As your single provider, we ensure seamless integration and support of the leading technology solutions.

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Enterprise Calling

Enable your modern workforce with enterprise-grade calling solutions that integrate your workflows and deliver better experiences to your customers and employees.

Cloud Contact Centre

Build and deploy a 100% cloud contact centre in less than a week. You’ll be free from the limitations of legacy applications and can rapidly deploy a system that is tailored to your unique business needs.

Advanced Call Handling

Ensure you are delivering the best inbound call experience for your customers with a fully customised call handling solution.

Call Blender

A seamless way to integrate existing systems with new cloud-based platforms. A link between the cloud and your phone system that controls the calls and provides connectivity between the key phone systems.

Smart Record

Smart Record is a modular Call Recording solution that is perfect for any business that needs to record and analyze their data – then turn it into actionable business intelligence.

Custom Voice Applications

Highly configurable, flexible, and tailored solutions for some of the most complex business requirements.

Powerful. Easy. Reliable.

Enterprise Calling Solutions

We offer reliable and secure cloud calling solutions that can be tailored to meet the most complex business voice needs, all at a competitive price.

Our enterprise-grade voice solutions include enhanced features such as advanced IVR, complex call routing, call blending and access to Flow, our unique self-serve call routing portal.

For Microsoft Teams users, we specialise in configuring feature-rich calling solutions seamlessly integrated with Teams.
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Alternatively, we can build an advanced communication solution for you using Spoke’s mobile centric platform which has a variety of unique benefits, especially for organisations with highly mobile sales and service teams.
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Interested in Zoom Phone, WebEx, 3CX or another platform?  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Flexible. Integrated. Advanced.

Cloud Contact Centre

We are experts in building cloud contact centre solutions to meet advanced voice needs. Our solutions are designed to accommodate complex workflows and unique customer journeys.

Looking for a quick solution? We can build and deploy a cloud contact centre in less than a week.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams as your calling platform, we’ll build your contact centre functionality using CC4Teams.
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Our development team uses Twilio to configure solutions with the flexibility and scalability you need for Spoke Phone integrations.
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Interested in integrating a contact centre with another platform?  Contact us to find out more.

  • Global reach: Buy on-demand phone numbers from around the world and deploy them immediately.
  • Reliability: Combining the requirements of tens of thousands of customers, Vytec UCaaS platforms offer greater reliability.
  • Scale: Scale up and scale back down as needed, responding to changing needs without penalty. Use what you need, when you need it.
  • Control: Prototype, build, deploy, and rapidly update with little or no impact
  • Design: Create workflows and intelligent routing tailored to your business and integrate with Google Contact Center AI to surface relevant information and recommended responses
  • Integrate: Embed within Salesforce, Zendesk, or nearly any other CRM, build and deploy customizations easily. Use API integrations to pull in inventory data, customers’ past orders, payments, etc and connect with ecosystem partners that provide certified integrations for WFM and campaign dialers.
  • Insights: Create, share, and consume reports with drag-and-drop ease, add custom metrics and KPI monitoring. Access interaction data with your own reporting tools using export APIs, including performance trends to further inspect and update your contact center
  • Call Transcription & Recording: Have your real-time audio or post-call recordings transcribed, whilst securely recording, documenting, and storing calls that occur on any mobile phone, desk phone, or device.
  • Omni-Channel: Support messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or WebChat alongside voice with intelligent routing and performance tracking.
  • AI-powered self-service: Automate routine customer inquiries with conversational IVRs and chatbots to reduce wait times.
  • Remote agents: Make it easy for agents and supervisors to work from home with little to no operational impact.
  • Proactive customer engagement: Reach customers with automated text notifications, click-to-dial, preview dialers, or a callback service during peak hours.
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Custom. Seamless. Support.

Cloud Calling + Contact Centre Integrated Solutions

The problem with complex voice requirements is that few platforms can deliver the desired solution end-to-end, causing enterprises to compromise on their vision. Our expertise and integration experience means less compromise, if any, with our solutions.

As your single vendor, we can promise both seamless integration and ongoing, comprehensive support of the leading technology platforms.

With 20+ years of experience building contact centre solutions, we understand which integrations work the best.  

Contact us to learn more about our most popular end-to-end calling + contact centre solutions:

  • Microsoft Teams Calling + CC4Teams Contact Centre
  • Spoke Phone + Twilio Contact Centre

Control & Interoperability

Advanced Call Handling & Call Blender

Call Blender provides a seamless way to integrate existing systems with new cloud-based platforms.

Workplaces have transformed in fundamental ways. Companies that were traditionally on-premise phone system-centric, are now upwardly mobile, using video collaboration and mobile devices. However, this makes managing different devices and soft clients a big challenge. 

With Call Blender, we build a link between the cloud and your phone system that controls the calls and provides connectivity between the key phone systems through an “overlay”.

  • Enables interoperability between different calling platforms allowing for a phased migration to the cloud
  • Consolidate disparate phone systems
  • Transfer between different calling platforms
  • Deliver central dialing plans

Record. Comply. Report.

Smart Record

Smart Record is a modular solution that is perfect for any business that needs to record and analyse their data – then turn it into actionable business intelligence.

The Smart Record suite empowers businesses to turn unstructured communications data into valuable customer insight using real-time analytics, coupled with coverage of voice, desktop, and multiple message-based communication formats.

Available in three options:

  • Record-It-Now: Designed for users who require a simple but reliable recording system offering recording, search with playback, and archival facilities.
  • Standard: An entry-level call centre solution providing a rich set of features such as live call monitoring, real-time dashboard with drill-down, call categorization, evaluation tools, and integration with third-party CRM systems.
  • Professional: An advanced call centre solution that includes limited access to CTIG’s real-time audio mining system, which provides automated call categorization and alerting based upon the content of the conversation. 
  •  Screen Recording: Screen recording extends and completes the picture of the call handler process by linking the voice recording with the corresponding visual recording of the keystroke activity.


  • Evaluation: Call handler evaluation allows users to isolate calls that meet certain criteria in order to perform several key business functions including;
    • Providing insight into the customer experience
    • Delivering feedback directly to the user, increasing operating efficiency
    • Providing Business Intelligence
  • Audio Mining: Audio mining allows organisations to utilize speech analytics to index recordings phonetically for easy retrieval and reporting. Some key features include;
      • Working at real-time x 80 speed
      • Recognising keywords and phrases
      • Integration with CRM Including support for Salesforce and SugarCRM.
      • Dashboards & Reports: Analyse interaction data and content through drill-down dashboards and optimized reports.
      • Encryption: Industry-leading encryption to secure all recorded interactions.
Flow Self Serve Call Routing Portal
Flow Self Serve Call Routing

Drag & Drop Call Routing


Flow, our unique, self-serve call routing portal has been designed to empower our customers.

Flow’s flexibility and ease of use gives you complete control over your call routing setup and changes.

No longer will you be at the mercy of others for the small, quick changes that inevitably arise.

  • Simple drag and drop configuration
  • Make changes when you want without being an expert
  • Create unlimited call flows
  • Advanced call reporting

Scalable. Flexible. Effective.

SIP Termination

Whether over a private network, Internet, or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking provides a scalable, flexible and cost-effective calling solution for your business.

Vytec operates one of Australia’s largest voice processing networks. With capacity for over 3,000+ concurrent telephone calls, Vytec’s SIP Trunking service will ensure you’re always in touch with your customers day and night.

  • Cost effective
  • User & channel based pricing
  • Works with any provider’s PBX
  • Advanced call reporting

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