vCare Video Conference Support

Peace-of-Mind Video Conference Room Support

vCare is our managed support service that ensures the functionality and continuity of your video conference rooms, regardless of whether you purchased your solution from us or from another provider. vCare acts as an extended managed support agreement that sits on top of your current video solutions, offering greater support SLAs, extended guarantees, and better outcomes.

Comprehensive. Real-time. Proactive.

What is vCare?

We are experts in managing and supporting both single and multi-vendor video conference (VC) and audio visual (AV) environments so you can focus on your business and let us handle the communications that support it.

The vCare service offering supports your on-going customer service levels by ensuring any service interruptions are quickly and efficiently remediated by our trained technicians.

With proactive monitoring, you know about any potential issues before they are raised by users. vCare packages offer comprehensive support for your existing VC/AV solutions and is backed up by our proven experience and expertise.

  • Eliminate wasted time due to technical issues during video meetings
  • Let your IT manager focus on other priorities
  • Peace-of-mind
video conference room vCare Vytec customer

vCare maximises your video conference room investment by reducing wasted meeting time

Choose the support package that suits you

Three Levels of Support

vCare is Powered by VisibilityOne

Unsurpassed Monitoring & Self-Healing Capabilities

VisibilityOne is the only monitoring solution that can provide real-time diagnostics for today’s hybrid collaboration environment of both conference room technologies and the over 400 million remote users of video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


  • Comprehensive: Provides real-time monitoring of cloud services, video, audio and IoT devices, including USB device monitoring
  • Proactive: Automated warning notifications to head off potential issues
  • Self-healing and failover capabilities 


Why Choose Vytec for Video Support?

  • Technical knowledge – true video & audio visual specialists
  • Comprehensive – able to monitor all connected devices in the room (VC, AV, IoT)
  • Local support, 24 hr on-call option
  • Supports 3rd party installations
  • National coverage
  • Value for money

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