Superkit for Twilio Flex Contact Centre

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Our Superkit allows us to deploy and manage customer-centric Flex contact centre solutions faster and cheaper, lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers

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Simple. Integrated. Powerful.

What does it do?

Superkit is a Twilio Flex plug-in which allows for easy access from within the Flex portal.  It features a simple, intuitive interface that allows a user to make the following contact centre configurations:

  • Design / edit call flows & queues
  • Associate skills with queues
  • Associate phone numbers with queues
  • Assign skills to agents
  • Create agent specific personal queues
  • Individualised voice mails
  • And much more…

Reduce set-up fees and deploy faster

Speed. Personalisation. Efficiency.

What are the benefits?

The tool automates many of the usual programming processes behind contact centre configuration.  By using repeatable processes and templates, the plug-in results in a more dependable, robust contact centre management solution.

  • Faster contact centre deployment
  • Lower set-up  fees (professional service)
  • Less room for error compared to coding
  • Simple, tactical day-to-day contact centre management
  • Easy enough for IT departments to manage themselves

Why Choose Vytec for Twilio Contact Centre?

  • A Twilio Flex Build Partner in Australia (1 of only 3)
  • Technical certifications span multiple Twilio platforms
  • 20+ years of highly specialised contact centre experience
  • True, single point of contact for end-to-end solutions
  • Unique, innovative applications
  • Custom, high-end telephony solutions for less
  • Flexible & scalable solutions
  • Enhanced security & redundancy
  • Local support

Vytec is a Silver Twilio Build Partner

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