VoiceConnect Frequently Asked Questions

  With the addition of VoiceConnect to the StarLeaf video conferencing solution, you not only get a market leading video conferencing, chat, file sharing and group collaboration solution, you get a full voice and telephony solution for your business.
VoiceConnect provides business with a complete communications solution that scales from the smallest to the largest organisations allowing workers to communicate from anywhere, in the method that suits them best. Some of the most frequently asked questions are here:

  1. Am I able to use my existing phone number?
    VoiceConnect supports Local Number Portability (LNP), allowing you to move your current business phone numbers from your existing provider to Vytec. You also have the option to get new local, 1300 and 1800 numbers from Vytec for use with VoiceConnect.
  2. Does Voice Connect support conference calling?
    Yes, voice connect supports up to 50 way conference calling with both video and audio parties in a call.
  3. How does VoiceConnect work for room systems?
    We can assign a phone number to your conference room systems, enabling both inbound and outbound calling directly from your meeting room device.
  4. Can I move my toll free (1300/1800/13) numbers to VoiceConnect?
    Yes, VoiceConnect supports the porting of your existing toll free numbers and we can also provide new numbers.
  5. Does VoiceConnect support softphones and legacy desk phones?
    The StarLeaf app supports both Windows and MacOS as well as iOS and Android for mobile devices. StarLeaf also have a range of desk phones that can be used with Voice Connect.
  6. What calling plans are offered for VoiceConnect?
    Voice Connect is offered as a bundle combining your StarLeaf app subscription with an unlimited / untimed calling bundle.
  7. When placing outbound calls with VoiceConnect, what callerId will be displayed?
    VoiceConnect supports the setting of the outbound callerId to be either your individually assigned phone number or one of the main numbers for your organisation or team.
  8. Some of your competitors offer a similar service but can only supply US phone numbers, can I get Australian phone numbers?
    Yes, the VoiceConnect service offered by Vytec is 100% operated and managed in Australia, using local infrastructure and connections directly to local carriers. We can supply the following types of phone numbers for VoiceConnect:
    Local / Geographical numbers Australia wide (02, 03, 07, 08)
    1300, 1800 and 13 numbers
    Virtual Mobile numbers (04) – allowing you to advertise a mobile number that rings on your VoiceConnect account.
    International numbers from across the world
  9. Can you setup an IVR or Virtual Receptionist on VoiceConnect?
    Vytec specialises in voice services, with many years experience in IVR – both simple and complex. We can configure a simple virtual receptionist that works with your VoiceConnect service to route calls to the required people or a fully integrated voice application IVR that ties into your existing business systems, databases, payment portals and more with features such as text-to-speech and voice recognition all combined with the VoiceConnect service.
  10. Does VoiceConnect support emergency services / 000 calls?
    Yes, VoiceConnect with Vytec supports emergency services / 000 / triple-zero calls. Vytec provides updates to the Integrated Public Phone Number Database (IPND) ensuring location information is supplied on emergency calls.