Lifesize adds Digital Signage to Share

Lifesize has recently announced the addition of Digital Signage capabilities to its Lifesize Share device.

Lifesize Share is wireless screen sharing and room automation device that works in conjunction with the Lifesize Icon series of room based video conferencing devices but also works as a standalone device allowing you to add wireless screen sharing and now digital signage capabilities to any display in your workplace.

The digital signage capability is delivered by the addition of integrated Screen Cloud (see ) capabilities to the Share device. With the app capabilities of Screen Cloud, the information you can now show on your displays with Lifesize Share are numerous, with examples such as:

  • Company Notice Board / Announcements
  • Building Directory
  • News
  • Dashboards / GeckoBoard
  • Dropbox gallery
  • Facebook reviews
  • Microsoft Power BI

and many more providing you with a great way to communicate with your organisation and visitors.

Get in touch today to book a demo or discuss how a Lifesize Share can work in your workplace.