StarLeaf and Zoom Meetings

Whilst services like Zoom provide great meet-me style video meeting services, they are often let down in the meeting room by lack of quality, well engineered and easy to use room based video conferencing systems.

With a recent update from StarLeaf, it is now easier than ever to to use high quality room based video conferencing systems with Zoom meetings.

Zoom users simply create their meetings in the usual fashion, using the Zoom app / portal, Outlook plugin, Chrome or Firefox plugin and when adding the participants, simply add the StarLeaf system using its StarLeaf assigned video address to the list of participants.

Once the meeting is created, StarLeaf handles the magic. Users who enter a room with a StarLeaf endpoint in it will firstly see on the display that there is a meeting scheduled.

And then simply press the big green button on the touch controller to join the Zoom meeting –

The StarLeaf room system will then dial in to the Zoom meeting giving you all the benefits of a high quality, secure and easy to use room based video conferencing codec.

The great thing is, StarLeaf doesn’t just limit this capability to it’s room based devices – users of the StarLeaf App also get the easy to use, one-button click to join capabilities for Zoom meetings too – just invite users by their StarLeaf video address and they too will be able to join Zoom meetings.

No features, subscriptions of licences on the StarLeaf side need to enabled or added for this to work – it is there now for all StarLeaf users. Zoom users do need to make sure they have the H.323 feature on their account to allow external parties into calls.

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